Edenhaven Retirement Village has been a cornerstone of the Edenvale community, caring for it’s elderly since 1963.

For almost six decades Edenhaven has had the privilege of being the home of choice to a lineage of 3rd and 4th generation family members. An exceptional testimony…

At Edenhaven we are committed to creating a safe and familiar environment, focused on the wellness and comfort of its residents. With great kindness our professional staff are dedicated to treating our elderly with respect and dignity.

Welcome to our home where we treat our family like friends, and our friends like family.


Edenhaven Retirement Village was established 1963 by the mayoress of Edenvale, Molly Vincent.

The home is managed by Janice Finlay who prioritizes creating a safe and comfortable home away from home environment.

The spacious facility is located in a closed off suburb on the North West side of Edenvale. Bordering a natural wetland and greenbelt, which bring the tranquility of the natural surrounding habitat, right on our doorstep.

The loyal team is over 60 people strong, providing daily care and attention to its residents. The main focus of the home is to establish trust, provide comfort and caring with kindness and respect.


Its main building offers various accommodation options ranging from a Care Centre to Independent Living areas.

The Edenview Cottages are situated next to the main building and give the tenants some extra privacy and freedom.

Edenhaven offers a comprehensive range of accommodation options to suit all needs.


Edenhaven Retirement Village has much to offer for our senior citizens. Our core approach is holistic care to provide physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. We have weekly exercise, craft and social activities to keep everyone physically and mentally active and involved.

We have a state-of-the-art kitchen that serves 3 nutritious meals a day in the spacious dining halls. Various comfortable lounges can be found throughout the building, and outside we have a tranquil garden for relaxation and social activities.

The entire home is monitored with CCTV security and strict access control is administered. We also offer free internet access to our residents in the main building.

Happy Home, Happy Hearts, Happy Tummies.


Each accommodation package has been tailored to fit the budget without compromising on the quality. Edenhaven also offer additional services to its residence to compliment their living arrangements.





Edenhaven Retirement and Care Facility

Address: 0A 12th St, Edenvale, 1609

Phone: 011 609 2204

Email: info@edenhaven.co.za